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Publisher's Description:

DP WIPER - This little program wipe file(s) and folder secure. Support the following method: Single overwrite with Zeros and pseudoram, RCMP.DoD wipe: US Department

of Defense of Defense 5220.22 compliant wiping) and Gutmann's Maximum

Security 35 pass wiping method. This program support DRAG&DROP. FREEWARE

List of Changes:

Version 1.1 from 2011-01-04

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Version 1.06 from 2010-01-09

Some minor fixed

Version 1.05 from 2009-04-01

Support multiple files and folder

Version 1.04 from 2007-10-15

Minor fixed. Remove false positive from some virus scanner


Delete wipe normal, DoD and paranoid

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File Size: 262.6 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Sjlmonty1 2011-06-08 23:38:23 #
Version: 1.1

Very happy with this software. Does all I need it to do.

Rollerjet 2011-06-03 14:42:56 #
Version: 1.1

Interesting and useful product, does what it's supposed to. Can't override permission issues, but it's a minor niggle.

Bpfl01 2011-03-26 18:36:09 #
Version: 1.1

great program does what it says it will do

Marc1956 2010-12-14 07:59:51 #
Version: 1.06

Superb program and very simple to use. Really makes it easy to get rid of files you don't want any longer! No trace!

Russdee3 2010-11-27 09:10:45 #
Version: 1.06

Download went smoothly, I have used it a couple of times to erase some document files and temporary internet files, worked great and fast-no trace of those files on the hard drive.

Eckron 2010-11-12 20:35:23 #
Version: 1.06

Seems to work okay!

Pjames5000 2010-10-05 20:19:08 #
Version: 1.06

Program was well written and worked for everything I needed except a thumb drive. I would recommend DP Wiper for all general file and folder applications.

Somewhereibelong 2009-12-03 20:04:03 #
Version: 1.05

wasn't able to remove Flash10c.ocx and Flashutil.exe on windows 7 home edition 64 bit

Daniel Zandian 2009-11-04 11:41:02 #
Version: 1.05

Didn't work in Windows 7 for me.

Parrothead 2008-11-15 12:06:43 #
Version: 1.04


Worked well and fairly easy to use...Wanted a wiper that would clean the empty (formerly used) space on a fresh OS install... I had to trick it into doing that -- sort of... ;-)

Normjr 2008-11-08 20:31:37 #
Version: 1.04

Either does not work or not what I need

First of all, I was looking for a DOD wipe utility, one that would overwrite an entire hard drive with ones and zeros to DOD specifications. My copy will not do this. ... ... ... ... Secondly, you can not drag and drop a drive into the specified box. I had to type the drive letter i.e. “D:” into the box. … … … … Thirdly, when I attempted to wipe a 115 Gigabyte HDD to DOD specifications, the completed dialog box popped up in less than two seconds. I seriously doubt that ANY utility such as this running on a 1.1 GHz Celeron (Pentium III version) could overwrite a drive this large in that short of a time. … … … … In short I am very displeased with this product. … … … … However, as I suggested in the topic, I may have been misled into thinking that this was a DOD overwrite utility that would overwrite a freshly formatted NTFS HDD with “ones and Zeros to DOD Specifications (seven times or more).

Dbpeart 2008-10-10 18:26:20 #
Version: 1.04

Mixed results

When wiping a floppy disk that had numerous files and using the Gutmann's Maximum Secure (35 overwrites) it took a fair amount of time and it was obvious that this program was going over the area of each file 35 times. When doing the same for an empty floppy or and unformatted floppy it was done in a very few seconds. Thus, this program does not write over every sector of the disk. Apparently it only overwrites areas where it can find a file.

Jenson_goh 2008-09-09 19:21:35 #
Version: 1.04

When wiping a hdd without any data.

When wiping a hdd without any data. The program immediately shows wipe completed. This means it did not write to all sectors.

Kenada 2008-01-16 17:36:39 #
Version: 1.04

Great little big guy

Program is excellent .I found it useful for cleaning out programs that have been uninstalled but still leave behind folders and old files from My Documents and Temp files.Leaving behind no trace for hackers or the Nosey. :)

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File Size: 262.6 Kb